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I’ve spent over $150,000 on my brain.

In the picture on the right, I’m at a center where I spent over $10,000 for a few days of brain training with elite scientists.

Between hefty neurofeedback trainings, thousands spent on supplements, EFT training, and many more… it’s added up.

But it’s also led me down an incredibly meaningful journey of breakthrough discoveries about the brain.

Here’s Everything You Get with Your Personalized Brain Optimization Program

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World Domination

Just $399 SAVE 43%

Focused Ferocity

Just $299 SAVE 25%

Brilliance On Demand

Just $129 SAVE 13%

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StacksWorld DominationFocused FerocityBrilliance On Demand
Genius Activator Nectar X + Brain Flow7 Doses6 Doses4 Doses
The Neuro Primer The Apex + Brain Flow6 Doses5 Doses4 Doses
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