OFFER 1: BiOptimized Digestive Health Stack


Thank you for selecting your BiOptimizers Health Stack for £170

BiOptimized Digestive Health Stack includes:

  • 2 bottles of Masszymes 250 caps
  • 2 bottles of P3-OM 120 caps
  • 1 bottle of HCL Breakthrough 90 caps


This is the ultimate digestive stack because:

  • MassZymes and P3OM are both proteolytic. This means that you will get the maximum value from your protein when you combine them. Your body will be able to break down and absorb far more valuable amino acids, which will help your body recover and rejuvenate.
  • HCL Breakthrough enhances both MassZymes and P3OM. HCL Breakthrough will further breakdown the food in your stomach along with the enzymes. The more the food is broken down, the better MassZymes and P3OM work.
  • There is almost no digestive issue that The Ultimate Digestive Stack can’t solve. This is the ultimate combination for optimizing your digestive health.

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