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The 3 Steps For Becoming
A Biologically Optimized Human Being

Here at BiOptimizers our goal is simple:

To provide you with the resources and tools you need to function at your very best.

In our own words, we’re here to help you become a “biologically optimized human being” — able to perform in a way that seems almost superhuman to the people around you.

And whether you’re an executive in the boardroom, an athlete on the track or field, or simply share our interest and passion in healthy high performance, the place to begin is with the BiOptimization Blueprint. Our entire strategy for Healthy High Performance™ boils down to these 3 essential steps:


Increase your body’s capacity to assimilate nutrients to increase performance and overall health.

Assimilation is defined as the conversion of nutrients into living tissue. For us, It means you’re using key nutrients to become a biologically optimized human being.

The body is constantly rebuilding itself. The liver reconstructs itself approximately every 90 days. Exercised muscles are constantly repairing themselves after intense workouts.

Enzymes and probiotics are the bio-workers that digest food into usable components and reassemble them into new tissue. Enzymes do over 25,000 different functions in the body according to Dr. Hiromi Shinya (author of The Enzyme Factor).

Most people have drained their “enzyme bank accounts” due to eating processed food and stress.

The potent enzymes in Masszymes and probiotics in P3-OM may help in increasing your body’s capacity to assimilate nutrients, increase performance and overall health.

Help to:

  • Improve nutrient assimilation so that your body is properly fueled and you feel in an optimal state.

Infuse your cells with the essential nutrients and bio-workers your body needs to rapidly rebuild itself.

Every person on the planet could be severely nutrient deficient, due to mass farming methods (pesticides and herbicides) and overprocessed, chemically-loaded food.

Step Two, the “Nutrification” stage, is designed to help infuse your cells with the essential nutrients and bio-workers your body needs to rapidly rebuild itself.

Organic Protein Breakthrough, P3-OM probiotics & Masszymes digestive enzymes can work together synergistically to keep your body fueled, while simultaneously helping to reduce the digestive stress of modern-day living.

The best way to get started is by implementing the 77-Day BiOptimization Blueprint which may help you to safely release toxins from the body as you build up your nutrient levels.

Help to:

  • Start to eliminate unhealthy food cravings by giving your body all the vital trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids they need.
  • Elevate your energy without stimulants by giving your cells all the critical nutrients.
  • Improve mental clarity by fueling your brain with potent enzymes, amino acids from organic plant-based protein and biologically available vitamins.



Take your body to the ultimate edge of human potential to become biologically optimized.

The third stage is where you take your body to the peak performance.

It’s impossible for us to describe how good you’re gonna feel after you:

  • Give your cells all the minerals it needs to function at its best.
  • Help to boost your brain and energy with bio-absorbable vitamins and EFAs.
  • Give your muscles all 22 amino acids from organic plant protein.
  • Help to acid reflux, bloating and constipation by increasing your digestive powers with the most potent enzyme on the market.

Very simply, if you want to improve your performance and require high levels of energy, mental focus, and physical capacity — then you’re going to love how you feel and perform with BiOptimizers products.

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