Give your brain the fuel and nutrients it needs to be in a Peak State every day.


Give your brain the fuel and nutrients it needs to be in a Peak State every day.

Live your best life. We believe that if you have energy, healthy brain function, good sleep and manage stress levels, you are at the peak of human performance in life, business and sports.

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Good brain health is important. It is a state in which you can realize your own abilities and optimize cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioral functioning to cope with life situations. Maintaining a healthy brain is the uppermost goal in pursuing health and longevity.



Set yourself up for success. If you strategically support your mental-wellbeing and supplement with vitamins that can support anxiety management and boost energy, you combat stress and have life in your hands.



Quality rest is achievable. A good night's sleep is essential to your overall health and wellness. Supplements can support you having a restful night, waking up feeling refreshed and using that energy to be fully engaged with your life.

Mind & brain optimization products

There’s Nothing More Expensive Than A Product That Doesn't Work

We never stop evolving the products and keep researching, testing and upgrading the formulas.

We have helped over 65,000 people optimize their health and digestion since 2004.

We work with some of the smartest people in the world to deliver on our commitment.

Dom Dagostino

Dom D’Agostino

Scientific Advisor

Monica Avdic

Monia Avdic, PHD

Probiotics Expert

Sabina Halilovic

Sabina Halilovic, PHD

Genetic Expert

We Work With 5 World-Class Formulators To Create The Best In Class Formulas

  • We have created a partnership and invested heavily with the Burch University in Sarajevo and created a probiotics lab with multiple PHDs in Bosnia working on creating the evolution of probiotics.

  • We work with one of the top chinese herbal experts in the world.

  • We work with the top enzyme scientists.

  • We work with one of the smartest formulators in the world who has 4 decades of experience in the game.

  • We work with a man we believe is possibly the greatest plant extractor expert on Earth.

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