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Activate Enhanced Mental States for Maximum Focus and Productivity

Why Nootropics Are a Total Game-Changer for Brain Performance

Nootropics are brain supplements that enhance your cognitive function.

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  • You can focus deeper and longer.
  • Your right and left brain work together, which is very important for solving problems.
  • You have limitless mental energy and stamina for long days.
  • Your mood and drive are elevated (which is important when dealing with people).
  • You can reverse memory damage.
  • And much, much more!

I found nootropics when doing research on brain optimization and became instantly intrigued and fascinated.

What if I could turn back the clock on my brain?

What if I could take my brain to a new level?

The first thing I experienced was regaining my memory.

Choose from 3 different levels to match your goals, budget, and desired level of cognitive power.

LEVEL 1 Brilliance on Demand
LEVEL 2 Focused Ferocity
LEVEL 3 World Domination

Get To Know The 4 Stacks

  • The 9 Nootropic formulations can be used individually OR “stacked” together strategically
  • We provide you with 4 unique ways to stack all 9 formulations.
  • You can experiment with your own combinations and create your own stack (we’ll teach you!)
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Here’s Everything You Get with Your Personalized Brain Optimization Program

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World Domination

Just $399 SAVE 43%

Focused Ferocity

Just $299 SAVE 25%

Brilliance On Demand

Just $129 SAVE 13%

Optimize Your Brain & Get The “Brilliant Mind Blueprint”

Which gives you 40 pages of practical tips to get the most out of your brain supplements.

Nootopia Book


  • Why most people experience ADD symptoms (poor focus)... memory issues... brain fog and other productivity killers. Plus, the exact nutrients you need to clear your mind and superhuman concentration...
  • Matt’s story of reversing his depression and addictions. Plus, the “noot” secret he used to supercharge his productivity and performance (a must for anyone whose income depends on their brain)
  • The sneaky trick most brain supplements use to make you THINK they are working. And why they don’t *actually* fix your brain issues—or help you multiply your productivity and performance...
  • The brain nutrient genius who is the secret weapon behind many top executives at companies like Google... CEOs... pro athletes... and beyond. We can’t reveal his identity, BUT you will hear him reveal some of his best secrets for brain performance...
  • And how to pick the right “nootropic” (brain boosting) formula for you and your brain’s unique needs. (hint: you can’t just buy something off the shelf and expect it to match what your brain needs to thrive)...
  • And much, much more!

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